Top 10 Benefits Of Artificial Grass

When compared to natural grass, the advantages of artificial turf become apparent. Homeowners in drought-prone regions like Southern California are finding that artificial grass lets them keep a lush lawn without worrying about breaking water limits or going against the landscaping requirements of their local HOA.

Aside from the aesthetic advantages, artificial grass has a lot to offer. Artificial grass has changed forever because of impressive warranties, high-quality manufacturing, and environmental benefits. People now believe it is a worthwhile, cost-effective replacement for natural turf. This assessment would be incomplete without taking into account the drawbacks of synthetic grass. Although we adore it, there are a few things you should know before making a purchase.

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Low Maintenance

Sowing, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing are all necessary tasks. There are so many natural lawn care tasks to do that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You hardly had time to put the mower away before you were pulling it out again. Artificial grass is well-known for its year-round clean appearance and low lawn maintenance.

There is also a tendency to exaggerate its low care requirements. No matter how many times it is mentioned, artificial turf has the advantage of requiring very little care. The time that would typically be spent on lawn care can now be used for family activities or relaxation.

Eliminates Puddling

The ground is rolled and smoothed out before the turf is installed, eliminating grooves and valleys where water can accumulate. Small irrigation channels are also added to help drain excess water and prevent it from pooling in low areas.

No Grass Stains

Made from quality PP and PE fibres, fake grass is entirely synthetic, eliminating the need to deal with grass stains on garments and other apparel items. After a good kicking around on the lawn, white clothing will remain white.

It’s also nice since kids can have a lot of fun on synthetic turf without worrying about getting dirty because of the fake turf. Skating on a patch of wild grass results typically in long green or brown streaks that are extremely hard to get out. This doesn’t happen with fake grass.


After installation, you may forget about tedious maintenance. It will last for many years. Its materials are intended to endure traffic, temperatures, and weather fluctuations. UV rays won’t fade the colour; the fibres are UV resistant.

High volumes of foot traffic in natural grass can lead to pathways, ruts, or bare spots in lawns and gardens. Artificial turf is exceptionally resilient and resists the constant pressure of being walked on. The turf blades will bounce back and remain upright as long as the filler is in place. 

Shade Isn’t An Issue

Unlike natural grass, which will wither and die in shady spots, artificial turf doesn’t require direct sunshine to function properly. Shade-tolerant synthetic grass maintains its colour and size distribution even in the absence of sunlight and water. It also doesn’t matter what the weather is like to utilize it. If you’re playing a sport, the weather does not affect your ability to use the field. When it’s hot outside, fake grass won’t wither or dry out as natural grass would.

Artificial grass is available in a broad range of colours, piles, lengths, densities, textures, yarns, and designs, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements and preferences.

Safe for Children and Pets

There are no chemicals needed to maintain artificial grass, making it entirely safe for children to play on. For this reason, a growing number of towns are replacing natural grass lawn in public places with artificial lawns.

Artificial grass has the additional advantage that many types include an anti-bacterial treatment to help keep germs and bacteria at bay. It is safe for children and pets to run around on synthetic grass since it doesn’t include any of the poisonous chemicals that are commonly used to maintain a natural grass lawn.

Doesn’t Need Harsh Fertilizers

Artificial turf doesn’t need to be fertilized on a regular basis because it doesn’t grow or spread. The grass will continue to be lush, green, and free of toxins. Fertilizers that are too harsh on the environment, including nitrates and phosphates, can lead to algal blooms in nearby waterways, rivers, and lakes.

Great for Recreational Areas

Sports surfaces including bocce ball courts, tennis courts, putting greens and patios are suitable for artificial grass. It can handle heavy foot traffic and has a long service life. It’s also simple to cut and shape, so you may use it in unusually shaped spaces or to create a variety of designs.

Who doesn’t want a recreational area where you can play and have fun without thinking off the grass? 

Drought Resistant

The only time you need to water an artificial grass lawn is to rinse it to avoid odors and dust buildup. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, does not require any water, making it an excellent choice for locations that are prone to drought. Water restrictions and severe penalties for those who breach them might be brought on by a shortage of rain or other precipitation.


One of the most prominent benefits of artificial turf is its long-lasting value and cost-effectiveness. Regularly taking care of an all-natural lawn may be very costly because of all the different tools and equipment you’ll need to do it. These tools and equipment include things like strimmers and lawnmowers, as well as hand aerators and weeders. There are also ongoing expenses, such as replacing your lawnmower and water rates.

While it may appear costly at first, this is an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come. As long as you maintain the turf for a minimal amount of money and effort, it will pay for itself in only a few years after you invest in it up-front costs and installation.

About Everlong Lawns

Artificial Lawn Installation Specialists

“We only install top quality grass with proper substructure; we don’t cut corners for a low price.”

Everlong Artificial Lawns has over seven years’ local experience of artificial grass installation in the Rochdale, Bury and surrounding areas. When installing imitation real turf, we believe there is no one better suited for your project.

With Artificial Grass, there is no need to worry about weed or moss growth, and you won’t have the hassle of watering or mowing your lawn to keep it on top condition. It’s also effortless to clean, with excellent drainage qualities! Of course, there is a little low maintenance to get involved in to keep your yard high quality, but don’t worry; we can advise and help you.

At Everlong, we can create a functional, enjoyable outdoor space that is usable every month of the year, whatever the weather – and it will always look immaculate, with no seasonal colour changes. Our Artificial Grass ranges are designed to resist intensive use, whatever your requirements. It won’t tear up like natural grass; say goodbye to muddy patches and poor grass growth!

We are trained, uniformed and insured. Each artificial grass installer from Everlong is well-versed in installing artificial grass to several applications, obviously installing all grades of grass in gardens is the most popular. Still, we have seen a massive increase from customers looking to buy synthetic lawns for balconies, roof terraces and many other applications.

If you want to install an artificial lawn, then contact us for a free no-obligation quotation.

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