Making the Most of Your Small Garden

It’s such a pain when you want to decorate your garden as much as you can, but the small garden space won’t let you. Who doesn’t want to put every beautiful garden design in a garden? Don’t let the small space stop you from making your small garden the most beautiful out there! Become a garden designer after reading these small garden design ideas below!

Balcony Garden Ideas

Make your balcony more unique if you live in an apartment and only one shared limited space. If you have a balcony, add plant towers or a vertical garden planter on the edges to encourage growth around the building. This will reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air around your home and help improve biodiversity.

If you live near other people who have balconies, you might want to put up a small fence to keep them out. To make the fence more interesting, you could also put planters here and let them grow through the gaps.

You can add any outdoor furniture such as a table and chairs if there’s room on your balcony. Make them the main thing on the balcony. Add a few small things that make it your own, like candles or solar panelled lights to make your evenings cosier, like this.

There are many ways to make your balcony into an area that defines your apartment. You can eat or socialize there in the evening, or you can bring horticulture into your home without taking up a lot of space.

Front garden ideas

Some houses don’t have a backyard, so their front yard is their only option for landscaping and gardening. If you have a driveway or a totally paved area in front of your house, you can always add crucial elements to make it stand out.

You may want to consider painting your home’s gate a bright colour if you have one. Before deciding on a colour for your gate, play around with various shades.

Hangers or containers that you can change with the seasons can be used to decorate a garden wall. If you have a paved front garden and want to maintain it that way, they are ideal. If you have a paved or pebbled area, you might want to consider installing a bench to make it more usable.

Small back garden ideas

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are encouraged to improve the garden space we already have. For those who live in a townhouse, you’ll need to be a little more creative when it comes to designing your outside space.

Gardening may be enhanced by adding a modest water feature like a pond. To entice animals and insects to the pond, put a wide variety of plants around it. If you can add a pair of chairs and a table that can rest on a rear wall or fence, this might be a distinctive element of your garden.

If you have a lot of room in your garden, try using large accent plants to create a walkway or even a greenhouse to grow some of your own vegetables or herbs!

You can add accent items to your landscape to make a statement while you’re looking at a variety of options. If you have a little garden, why not give these regions a go and see what happens?

More tips for small gardens

  • Plants that are small and compact are best. When designing a landscape, don’t be afraid to use medium-sized or columnar trees in order to obtain the right proportions.
  • Try something new. Is there a possibility of using vertical gardens? A planter on a railing? Strawberries in hanging baskets? Search for inspirations for a living wall/vertical succulent garden.
  • Set up a solid foundation of foliage. Before layering in blooming plants, choose intriguing plants with coloured leaves.
  • Make the most of every square foot. To maximize the value of your gardening investment, choose trees, shrubs, and perennials that provide several seasons of interest with beautiful leaves, seasonal blooms, unusual textures, colourful bark and/or spectacular fall colour.
  • Create a sense of security. Large evergreen trees and bushes may not be an option if you have limited space. Could a row of a columnar kind that provides height without the breadth be used? Perhaps slender, columnar, deciduous trees or shrubs might suffice as temporary screening? Alternatively, you may use a vertical trellis to plant well-behaved climbers like jasmine or annual vines.
  • Is it really necessary to have a lawn? If so, it might be time to rethink the placement of your grass. Yes, but would it be better to expand the patio?
  • You should choose your outdoor furniture carefully. Don’t buy oversized armchairs with oversized armrests.

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