Yes, you can, to keep it simple. However, a good question would be if you should paint your composite decking.

The colour of composite decking is applied during the production process and penetrates every deck board, in contrast to the wood deck, which is simply painted on the surface. As a result, the colour will stay for a long time.

However, this structure is also responsible for how difficult it is to paint composite decking without it becoming messy and untidy. When the paint is exposed to the elements, it will also flake, peel, and fade over time. We would suggest consulting a professional if you are determined to paint your composite decking, but we are certain that we can convince you otherwise.

First off, there is a colour to match every type of house and garden in the Maintenance Free Garden Glasgow variety of composite decking boards, which range from neutral brown to black and modern grey to natural light grey. Contrary to a painted finish, these colours are long-lasting and won’t fade or flake.

Second, composite decking requires a little maintenance. It doesn’t need any paint or treatments to stay in excellent shape or maintain its original colour. Your composite decking can be kept clean and clear of dirt with a quick sweep and a regular wash. In order to keep your decking looking as great as it did when you initially painted it, you will need to make sure to clean it on a regular basis.

Last but not least, composite decking, especially wood polymer composite decking, has been specifically created and constructed to eliminate the need for painting. It comes in a variety of colours and styles and is long-lasting and durable. Once you’ve decided on your composite decking, we’re confident you won’t be tempted to switch it out.

Contact our experienced team, and we will help you if you’re not sure which style or colour will suit your landscape the best.

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