The British summers frequently reach temperatures of 30 degrees or higher, while the winter months are extremely cold and damp. If you live in the UK, you are probably already aware of this situation, which may have led you to spend hundreds of pounds each year attempting to keep your wooden deck through treatments and repainting.

However, there comes a time when you are required to replace the entire piece of wood if it is entirely beyond repair. Composite decking is undoubtedly the greatest all-weather option for a durable outdoor decking solution when it comes to weather-resistant decking.

Traditional timber decking is not meant to endure these two extremes over an extended period of time along with a few rain showers. This is due to the fact that when wood absorbs water, it expands and bends, and when it freezes, it may break. Therefore, during sunny weather, the wood may fade or bleach as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Define Composite Decking

Composite decking, commonly referred to as composite wood decking, is constructed from plastic-coated wood fibres. Companies are now able to create exquisite composites that replicate the natural appearance of wood thanks to developments in manufacturing. The composites are designed in a way that allows them to withstand and keep up with the harsh weather in the UK.

In the UK, composite decking has had the fastest growth among all timber decking options in recent years. It offers a very low-maintenance and environmentally responsible replacement for the conventional wooding system. Also, it is sturdy and available in attractive landscape designs.

Difference Between Composite Decking And Wood Decking

When compared to its traditional wooden counterpart, composite decking is a superior choice in many ways. A 20-year quality and service guarantee is provided by composite decking. Find out if composite decking can handle the weather in the UK.


As we’ve already indicated, maintaining and repairing traditional wooden decking is expensive. Regular treatment and painting of a wooden deck are required to maintain its durability and stop moisture from damaging the wood. On the other hand, composites are simple to handle and maintain as all that is needed to keep the deck looking excellent is a quick wash or sweep.

Damage from Pests

When it comes to your wooden deck, termites and other pests are known to harm wood is a constant problem. Unlike wood decking, composite decking is not vulnerable to harm from any wood-eating insects.

UV Protection

Some produced boards have UV protection, which prevents the sun from bleaching or fading their colours. The wood flour, resin, and colour pigments are combined to create composite decking. After applying the polymer cover, the composite decking becomes UV-resistant.

Immune to Breaking

Because wooden boards absorb water, they are also vulnerable to freezing, which can result in icing damage. Composite decking is designed in a way that prevents water absorption. High-quality composite decks are designed to have a texture similar to genuine wood, giving you a good grip in all weather. Composite decks don’t need to be sealed in the winter to keep them from breaking and cracking as wooden deck boards do.

Composite Decking Does Not Decay

Wood is absorbent, making it vulnerable to decay and breaking, especially when exposed to water. Composite decking is produced in a consistent manner and covered with a polymer sleeve to provide consistent, moisture-resistant boards.

The traditional wood decking frequently has green algae growing on it, which is unappealing. If you have composite decking, you won’t ever experience this and it will look great for about 20 years.

Benefits Of Using Composite Decking

All-weather composite decking provides numerous advantages, including affordability, easy maintenance, durability, and a lot more. If you intend to put it in your home, you must conduct thorough research. There are many products on the market, and they are different in terms of both quality and design.


1.) Climate Resistance

All-weather composite decks are more durable than their wooden counterparts since they provide a 20-year service guarantee with very little maintenance.

2.) Easy to Maintain

Relatively speaking to other decking materials, composite decks require incredibly little care.

3.) Comes in Various Colours and Sizes

You have complete freedom to customize your outdoor environment with composite boards because they are available in a variety of colours, textures, and sizes. 

Contact the Maintenance Free Garden Glasgow Team if you’ve found something in this post you like and are interested in having your own composite product placed in your garden or outdoor space! We provide everything you need and guarantee you get the best materials for the project. In addition, we provide you with helpful advice as needed.

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