We understand your need for your Composite Decking to maintain its brand-new appearance for as long as possible. Despite our best efforts to prevent them, accidents do occur, as we all know. Scrapes and scratches can happen from rearranging furniture and plant pots, for instance, or from dropping plates and glasses. But don’t panic; there are methods for restoring your decking to its excellent shape.

Here are some suggestions from our specialists to get you started:

  • It is advisable to ignore a little scratch if you have one. Some scratch marks will gradually fade or even disappear over time and become unnoticeable once your composite boards have aged a bit..
  • Walnuts can be used to help cover the traces until natural ageing has taken place if the scratch or scuff is slightly deeper but has not gone all the way through the top surface. Use only a natural, raw walnut; do not use any other oils recommended for scratch removal or extracted walnut oil.
  • Let the natural oil absorb into the scratch by gently rubbing the walnut’s flesh over the injured region. Avoid covering a wide enough area with oil to avoid making the surface slippery. The dents and scrapes will become nearly invisible as the oil “weathers” off in a few weeks.
  • Before attempting any other procedure, it is suggested to consult with an expert if your scratch or dent is too severe for the “walnut” method.

In the end, prevention is always better than treatment, so try to avoid dragging objects over your composite decking and handle objects with caution to prevent damage and extend the life of your decking.

If you’re still uncertain of how to repair your scratched or dented composite decking, get in touch with our Technical Team right away for professional direction and advice.

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