Accidents can happen despite our best efforts to protect our aluminium decking. If your aluminium decking is a dark colour, scratches or cuts caused by dropping or dragging objects across the surface can often be quite obvious. However, there are some solutions that can help you restore the best appearance to your decking.

You can use a “touch-up pen” to cover small scratches on the surface of your aluminium decking by blending them in. Most reliable merchants offer these pens, including Maintenance Free Garden Glasgow. If the scrape or gouge is more severe, you might need to change the Channel Cover or the entire aluminium deck board.

If your installer left the suggested expansion blog, you can pull up the channel cover with an easy panel lifting tool. Also, if the channel cover has been installed, you might need to remove the end trim in order to lift it. Simply take out the attaching screws to raise and replace the aluminium deck board. If existing channel coverings are still in good condition, they can be reused.

Talk to an industry specialist, such as a member of our own professional Maintenance Free Garden Glasgow team, about the best course of action if you are uncertain of which direction to go in. They will be able to give you advice and direction on how to restore the new appearance of your aluminium decking.

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