Honestly, you can’t!

Preventing rust or avoiding painting your aluminium decking will be better for its longevity and integrity in these situations because as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Prevent Rust

The best way to avoid your aluminium decking from being rusty is to maintain it clean and free from dirt. With Maintenance Free Garden Glasgow, this is really easy and simple

First, clean up any dirt as quickly as possible. By doing this, a buildup of dirt or moisture that can result in long-term harm will be avoided. If you are unable to sweep this dirt away, you can wash it with clean water. If water alone is not enough, follow the manufacturer’s directions and use a non-abrasive soft brush or cloth together with a neutral, mild home dish soap or vehicle wash detergent. To prevent discolouration or damage, it is advised to clean a small, specific area first when using a detergent. Rinse with clean water thoroughly after washing.

The surface of your aluminium decking will be permanently scratched if you scrub it with steel wool, scrapers, sandpaper, or scouring liquids or powders. Also, avoid using harsh cleaners, alkaline or acidic cleaners, and hard water.

You should use extra caution when cleaning aluminium decking if the surface has a custom finish. The ideal solution for both matt and metallic surfaces is regular cleaning with mild detergent, without any rubbing or polishing.

Usually, aluminium decking needs to be cleaned once a year at the very least. However, more regular cleaning should be done if you live in a region where substances are more common, such as a seaside or industrial location.

Your aluminium decking should remain rust-free if you maintain it free of dirt and clean it at least once a year.

Avoid Painting

It is not necessary to paint aluminium decking. The boards are incredibly long-lasting and sturdy because of their design. They don’t need any coatings or paints to look more fashionable or to protect them. Your aluminium decking’s surface integrity could be permanently damaged by painting it, and long-lasting damage could result.

Maintaining cleanliness is important if you want to prevent rust on your decking. And to avoid having to paint your aluminium decking? Don’t even attempt to paint it!

Contact us right away if you’re still unsure about how to take care of your aluminium decking. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to assist you.

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