Artificial Lawn Installation – Glasgow, Paisley, Renfrew

When installing artificial grass planning and ground preparation key to a top quality finish and a long lasting artificial lawn. At MFG we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can provide expert advice even when your idea requires artificial grass to be laid in the trickiest of places. By ensuring everything is done properly with attention to detail you can be guaranteed that your lawn will look it’s best for a long time.


We will visit your property to assess the work required to install your artificial lawn. You will be provided with a no obligation quotation and any advice you require. A deposit payment is required. Should you accept the quote the process will be as follows. Before any groundwork work is started you need to decide on the area that is going to be covered.


Assuming we are replacing an old living lawn, we will need to remove this and prepare the ground for the artificial lawn. This is done with either a spade or turf cutter until all of the turf roots and approximately 30mm of soil is removed, an additional 70mm of ground may be required to be removed subject to soil and drainage conditions. It’s important to make sure any electrical cables or water pipes are identified in order that we can factor in these issues. Preparing and levelling the ground is key to any quality look artificial lawn. We will ensure that all large stones or bricks and tree roots are removed from the area and that the ground is well compacted.


At this point it is important to consider an edging system. We can use purposely made artificial grass edging, this is made from a flexible metal to ensure a clean shaped edge to your lawn. Alternatively we can use other garden construction materials with straight edges such as railway sleepers or path edging. At times we also use tantalized wood for this purpose, however all lawn installations are bespoke. We choose the right solution for your new lawn. 


The edging now provides a frame in which we can work and we start by levelling the area again with sharp or in some case grit sand. If need be for heavy pet use, we can add a special layer of pet material to keep the lawn free of odours. In some cases where a deeper foundation is required we use hardcore or crusher run before laying the sand. This helps level out any imperfections in the ground. Everything is then compacted ready for a weed membrane.


Adding a membrane prevents any unwanted weeds growing through or under the artificial lawn. The membrane that we use allows for water to drain through avoiding any water collections from rain. This also allows you to wash or hose the lawn if required. The artificial grass is then laid. Thought is put into which direction the roles are laid. This is to ensure it looks it’s best but also limit the number of joints required. Once this is in position the edges are trimmed and the joints are sealed together.


When the adhesive has set, kiln dry sand is added to the artificial lawn. This step is important in the process to achieve the most natural looking artificial lawn. All old turf and soil that has been removed will be taken away along with any unused materials. Your new artificial lawn will be left looking fresh and we’ll also provide you with details on how to keep it looking that way.